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CS1 / CS2

GlobuloNero CS1/CS2 roller skis


The GlobuloNero CS1 are among the few roller skis in the world (together with the B1) completely made of monocoque carbon.

The points of strength of these roller skis are surely their lightweight, superb vibration damping and reactivity.

Comfort and fun given by these roller skis are beyond comparison, ensuring a skiing that is really close to the snow one.

They feature height adjustment on two leves and 5 types of different wheels.

The main difference between CS1 and CS2 is in the stiffness: the CS1 (100% carbon) is stiffer, advised for skiers over 70 kg.
The CS2 (50% carbon, 50% fibreglass) is softer, advised below 70 kg.

CS1 technical sheet:

List price: 396 euros

Buy them online on Nones Sport

CS2 technical sheet:

List price: 369 euros, now discounted at 229 euros

Buy them online on Nones Sport